Sharing our passion for traditional Asian flavours, culinary adventures and great conversations, Kyūbi Modern Asian Dining aspires to create a dining experience that brings people together over the love of food.

Named after the mythical 9 Tail Fox, the Kyūbi features as folklore in many East Asian cultures. To us, the 9 tails represent the various Asian cultures from which we draw our inspiration and flavours.

Culinary visionary Peter Sheppard (previously of Caveau and MoChi Dining) and our team of experienced chefs, have collaborated to bring years of experience and knowledge to the Kyūbi kitchen. Each dish aspires to honour traditional Asian flavours and will take guests on a journey along the Mekong River to create a unique synergy of tradition and modern execution.

All journeys are better when they are shared - as are our dishes. We encourage you to try our tasting menu which is always evolving and is the ideal way to experience the many flavours of Kyūbi.


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Kyubi Modern Asian Dining

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